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Jeff Rade

My not-so-interesting page. Some links and a few bits of info about me. Spam me at jeffrade at gmail dot com.


Who Am I

Just one of over 7 billion people living in this solar system. More specifically, I am a 35 year-old male where I live with my wife and two boys outside of Chicago, IL.


Family vacations and playing with my kids when I get home every night. Teaching my kids and trying to give them their best start in life is my greatest passion. I can also be found remodeling my home, everything DIY, Bitcoin, and Cryptography.


Software engineer with 10+ years experience in leadership, architecture, building and maintaining software. I've worked with startups, large companies and everything in between in ecommerce, healthcare and financial industries. In 2014, I started a consulting company at Devix Group providing freelance and consulting services in software.